10 Best Cordless Drill under $50 in 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

You require the best cordless drill, but you don’t have extra money to buy it. That’s OK Because You’ll be happy to hear there are plenty of drills available for less than $50. What’s the best cordless drill under $50?

Best Cordless Drill under $50

The drilling industry markets are now saturated and overwhelmed by manufacturers with large varieties of tools, including the best cordless drill under $50. A few decades so far, the industry of drilling has gone through a large flux and evolution, with the introduction of cordless drills mitigate the stress of traditional corded drills. 

Cordless drills have greatly replaced the corded d ones because they are highly light in weight and the feature of portability is also very high.

We took a look at a few models and come up with our top picks. Taking a closer look at each of their positives and negatives to make your decision a whole lot easier. Read on it to learn more about the best drills for less than $50.



BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill / Driver

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AILUKI Cordless Drill/Driver 12V Max Drill

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JUEMEL 20V MAX Cordless Drill Driver

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GOXAWEE Electric Screw Drill/Driver Set

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TACKLIFE Cordless Drill/Driver 20V MAX Drill, 32pcs Accessories

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Ryobi P208 One+ 18V Lithium Ion Drill/Driver

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Genesis GCD18BK 18 Volt Cordless Drill/Driver

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AVID POWER 20V MAX Lithium Ion,3/8 Cordless Drill

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BLACK+DECKER 8V MAX Cordless Drill/Driver (BDCD8C)

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CACOOP 20V MAX 2.0Ah Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill Set

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I want to inform you, you’re not going to get the most expensive and superb cordless drills for less than $50, but you can expect to get a drill that’s suitable for the occasional work.

One thing that we gave more attention to when reviewing the best cordless drill under $50, was the battery. Most of our picks use a Lithium-Ion battery, these days which is pretty much standard as compared to other battery

Only one, the Genesis drill, uses a Nickel Cadmium battery. Maybe Nickel Cadmium batteries cost less but they also have some significant drawbacks.


Here we are going to review the best cordless drills under $50 to enhance the knowledge of our readers

1.  BLACK + DECKER LDX120C 3/8-Inch Cordless Drill Driver


best cordless drill under $50

The cool thing about the Black+Decker Matrix drill/driver is that it is part of the Matrix Quick Connect system.

In addition to the drill/driver, you have the option of purchasing separate attachments (such as a sander or a saw), then swapping those attachments in and out when you need them.

That means your drill/driver can turn into a reciprocating saw or an impact driver with just the press of a button. We think that’s pretty cool.

Aside from being part of a quick-change system, how does the Black+Decker Matrix drill/driver perform? Well, it has a 20v max Lithium-Ion battery that can hold a charge for 18 months (without use). Without a stable and committed work station, none of the tools in the world are any good. The quality and durability of Black+Decker drills attest to this dedication to effectiveness.

TIts 11 Position clutch helps in cruise control when drilling. Lightweight and compact, it ensures less fatigue and allows users to screw or drill in enclosures with variable speed. Countersinking is permissible without damaging the material. The anti-slip soft grip makes gripping comfortable when using the drill and have noted that the drill is ideal for small or medium-sized jobs

  • Great drilling strength
  • Cordless, compact and portable
  • Great for small jobs
  • You can use it plugged in or cordless.
  • Not for complex projects.
  • A built-in battery means that once the battery is dead, the entire drill is dead.
  • Not super powerful.

2.  CACOOP 20V MAX 2.0Ah Lithium-IonCordless Drill Set


best cordless drill under $50

It is particularly designed for metal and wood drilling; moreover, it is also helpful for screw driving.

It comes with a hard BMC travel case and you can easily carry this cordless drill anywhere without any hassle. Furthermore, it offers two – speed settings and speed can be fixed accordingly from low to high. It gives no-load speed limits (0 – 350) and (0 – 1350 rpm) and permits consumers to execute a multitude of fastening and screw driving applications., and allows users to perform a multitude of drilling and screw driving applications.

Ergonomic design and soft-grip handle give a more secure grip for enhanced user control, lightweight (weighed 2.73lbs with battery slid on) reduces user fatigue, and empower operators to work at confined space

It has LED lights which enable consumers to work in dim light areas without any hindrance and work can be continued for long hours. And the most amazing thing is it has an LED power indicator too, which is quite beneficial to know the level of battery charge left beforehand.

It provides Max 20 V lithium ION battery and a one-hour quick charger is another plus point that gives better power with free self-discharge, quality run time, and less time waiting idly for charging.

  • Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable and user-friendly.
  • Users do not feel tired and exhausted because of its soft handle and grip.
  • It is not good for heavy-duty tasks like commercial construction.


3.   AILUKI Cordless Lightweight Ergonomic- 12V Max Drill


best cordless drill under $50

Cordless 280 In-lb torque 12V Driving Drill Set to give you easy access to deal with your housework like home reconstruction, renovation, garden maintenance or garage maintenance, kitchen cleaning, and DIY, meets all people’s needs. Whether you are a professional mechanic, a robot manufacturer, or a model building enthusiast who requires precision small tools and micro tools, AILUKI tools can help you!

Our drill driver set was equipped with 2 variable speeds (0-550RPM, 0-1200RPM), which is the best assistant to your work in your house, max 280 in-lb torque is ideal for drilling, screwing into wood, metal, and plastic, and can meet a wide range of needs.

With 2 in 1 working mode-driving and drilling and 21 adjustable clutch settings makes you easily deal with various applications precisely. The led light was activated by the trigger that illuminates any dark workspace.

Extension for Screwdriver, It helps you to get in very narrow areas and work from a special angle. 250mm Flexible Hex Shaft*1

We consider all the people’s needs to design this cordless drill driver kit, which is a compact and lightweight (2.2 pounds) drill/driver with an incredible performance-to-weight ratio, which can decrease fatigue in most daily work. The ergonomically designed rubber-covered handle provides one-handed ease of operation for maximum comfort and reduces vibration.


  • Changeable speed
  • Cruise control and strong grip
  • Handy and ergonomic
  • Long term power and charging
  • Not for a heavy workload


4.  Ryobi P208 One+ 18V Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver


best cordless drill under $50

Before we give in to a full review of the Ryobi One+ Drill/Driver, we’ve got to point out that the drill is sold as a “bare tool.”

That means that if you want to use the tool, you need to buy the battery separately, which might push the cost of it over $50. If you already have other tools in the Ryobi One+ line, the drill is going to be compatible with their batteries, so there’s no need to shell out extra for a new battery.

Now that that’s out of the way, on to the drill itself.

The Ryobi One+ drill/driver has a clutch with 24 settings, a gearbox with two speeds, and a keyless chuck. One particularly nifty feature of the drill is a magnetic tray that makes it super easy to store bits as you work.

The drill also has an LED light, so that you can work in dark corners with ease. People who’ve used the Ryobi drill have been impressed with its power, especially in comparison to the drill’s overall size.

Some people were disappointed by the fact that the drill is sold as a bare tool and didn’t come with a battery.

  • Clutch has 24 settings.
  • Has a magnetic tray for holding bits as you work.
  • Has a comfortable rubber grip.
  • Doesn’t come with the battery.
  • The packaging leaves a lot to be desired — doesn’t come in a box or include instructions.


5.  Genesis GCD18BK 18 Volt Cordless Drill/Driver Kit

best cordless drill under $50

One of only two cordless drills under $50 in our roundup to have an 18v battery, the Genesis Drill/Driver kit seems to be the most “hit or miss” of all the drills we looked at.

That’s to say, people either love or hate this drill.

Why the polarity? Some people felt that the motor was weak and that it burned out quickly. Others found that it had plenty of torque and that it was powerful enough to get the jobs done.

In our opinion, the big drawback of the Genesis drill compared to the rest is the battery. It doesn’t have a lithium-ion battery — instead, it uses a nickel-cadmium battery.

What the drill might lack in power and battery quality, it makes up for in price. It’s the second least expensive drill in our roundup. If you’re looking for a drill for a small project or occasional use, this might be perfect for your needs.


  • Feature of electrical brake is worth praising
  • 16 position clutch settings enhance the working of this product.
  • Has a built-in light and level.
  • Has a magnetic tray for holding bits.
  • Powered by Ni-Cad batteries, not lithium-ion batteries.
  • Tricky to use for precision drilling
  • Slow speed.


6.  GOXAWEE Electric Screw Drill/Driver Set


best cordless drill under $50
GOXAWEE Tool is the source for hard-to-find mini tools for Home Improvement and DIY. We take great pride in providing the best service in North America. Whether you are a professional craftsman, a robot builder, or a model building hobbyist who requires precision small tools and micro tools, GOXAWEE Tool can help.

18-30Nm (266 In-lbs) Max Torque & 18+1 Adjustment provide precise controls for drilling in wood, metal, plastic, and all screwing. The rotational switch allows you to either rotate forward or reverse based on your purposes

The cordless screwdriver comes with a 2pcs 1500mAh Lithium-ion battery makes it always ready to use without restriction. 1 hour fast charging the battery allows a fast full charge keeps the power drill constantly running.

The variable speed pressure trigger allows you to control the drilling speed. Low speed (0-350 rpm) is preferable for screwing; High speed (0-1350 rpm) is more efficient for drilling tasks.

250mm Flexible shaft extends your application and makes the work from special angles and little more comfortable space, There are 6 screwdriver bits for different needs.


  • Very budget-friendly price.
  • It’s come with two batteries.
  • 18+1 clutch settings enhance the working of this product.
  • This product is bit heavy in comparison to the other drills so it is difficult to carry it with one hand.

7.  JUEMEL 20V MAX Cordless Drill/Driver


best cordless drill under $50

JUEMEL Cordless drill/driver powerful All-Copper Motor delivers 320 in-lbs(36 Nm) peak torque stably. 18+1 adjustable clutch settings with variable pressure trigger (2-speed: 0-450RPM,0-1450RPM) for precise work. Fulfilling your needs for processing a wide range of materials.

A great design, a strong grip magnet is built-in the back of the drill. You can put the screwdrivers, screws, and drill bits on the magnet while working. Bring you much convenience and improve your working efficiency.

JUEMEL Cordless drill/driver comes with a 2000 mAh Li-ion battery and a fast charger. It provides a device with sufficient working energy and uses time. 3 color indicator lights give you a clear battery indication. The red light on the charger indicates that the battery is charging and the green light means that the battery is fully charged.

This drill comes with a 3/8” keyless chuck. It has excellent durability and accessory compatibility. You can install or remove the drill/screw bit quickly and easily.

JUEMEL Cordless drill/driver is designed to be lightweight and compact (only 2.6 lbs) also has a built-in LED light. Tight spaces and darkness can not limit your work. Metal hex flexible shaft with magnetic can absorb screwdriver bits. More durable and sturdy than the plastic flexible shaft

  • It is very light in weight so it is a highly portable product.
  • Due to its 18 position clutch settings, it can be utilized for multiple applications.
  • Feature of speed adjustment is great.
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty.


8.  TACKLIFE 20V MAX Cordless Drill Driver


best cordless drill under $50

With its 32 pieces of accessories, Tacklife drill deploys three working modes: screwing, drilling, and hammer-drilling, the latter for optimal work and enhanced efficiency. The power drill can conveniently meet a wide range of drilling holes or driving screws on wood, metal, and rubber. Thanks to its 265in-lbs peak torque.

TACKLIFE PCD06B cordless drill is the basic one for both women and men who like DIY or decorating house.it’s powerful for many home projects, such as building a fence, fixing furniture, building a house for your pet, etc.

Equipped with TACKLIFE 20V 1500mAh lithium-ion battery which can be used interchangeably with other 20V tools from TACKLIFE family. And the built-in state of indicator makes you always know how much power you have left. A lightweight portable power drill can be easily used with one hand.

Paired with 3/8” all-metal chuck which is better than the plastic one that can prevent the bits from stocking in the drill. The 19+1 torque setting design, generating higher precision, so when you work on different materials (wood/plastic/metal, etc.), it can prevent you from damaging your good material.

With built-in LED light, when you work in low-light conditions, it can increase your efficiency and provide safety. One more thing that it has an ergonomic handle that is rubber-overmolded, which can provide comfort and less vibration for you during heavy work.

  • Increased work efficiency
  • Meeting a wide range of needs.
  • Fast charging
  • Adjustable speed for varying works
  • Scarce Battery
  • Not intended for contract use


9.  AVID POWER 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill


best cordless drill under $50 Perfect for tasks around the home, garage, garden, and workshop, including drilling holes in wood, plastic, metal, and drywall as well as driving in/out the screw. Pick up an Avidpower Tool and get started on your masterpiece today!

20V 1.5Ah Lithium-ion battery pack with USB output compatible for phone charging and real-time capacity indicator. The 15+1 position clutch provides the performance needed for ultimate drilling and screw driving control. 10pcs drill bits, 10pcs driver bits, an extension bar for sticking on the fastener, and a flexible shaft.

The forward/reverser switch allows screws to drive or unscrewing with convenience. Compact and lightweight design with superior motor minimizes fatigue in most daily screwing and drilling tasks; rubber-covered handle provides a comfortable grip for being breezily operated in one hand.

A flexible shaft could be used in some places where driver bits are hard to reach; LED light illuminates dark working areas; Variable speed(0-550RPM)with electric brake function provides precise operation.

  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a brilliant selection of accessories
  • Battery pack has a USB output and charge status indicator
  • Some accessories may lack quality
  • No carrying case
  • It offers a bit thick handle.


10. BLACK+DECKER 8V MAX Cordless Drill/Driver


best cordless drill under $50

The most budget-friendly cordless drill in our roundup, the Black+Decker 8V max Lithium Drill isn’t just one of the best cordless drills under $50. It’s one of the best cordless drills under $25.

The drill features an integrated battery — meaning it’s part of the handle and you can’t remove it. To charge the battery, you plug the entire drill into the wall.

The charger is a micro-USB charger that also works to charge up other gadgets, such as your smartphone.

Given its low power (it gets up to 400 RPM), we’re going to have to recommend the drill for light projects only. You won’t be putting up drywall with this drill, but it can be just right if you want to hang a photo or picture frame.

People who’ve used the drill have called it “small but mighty.” As long as you manage your expectations and use the right drill bits with the Black+Decker drill, it should be able to work for you.

  • Very budget-friendly price.
  • The double-ended bit is also provided with this product.
  • Micro USB charger allows the charging of some other household products.
  • You can use it plugged in or cordless.
  • Built-in battery means that once the battery is dead, the entire drill is dead.
  • Not super powerful.


The thing that separates cordless drills from corded drills is the battery. And the thing that separates the best cordless drill under $50 from the rest is the quality of the battery.

When you’re checking out batteries for your drill, there are a lot of features to look for. These days,  most batteries are made of Lithium-Ion, although you might still find some nickel-cadmium batteries hanging around.

No matter what, we recommend going with Lithium-Ion batteries. They have a higher sticker price compared to nickel-cadmium, sure, but they also have plenty of benefits.

For one thing, lithium batteries can hold a charge for way longer than nickel-cadmium. If you have a nickel-cadmium battery and you don’t use the drill for a while — such as a week or a month — when you come back to use your drill, you’re going to have to charge it up again.

That’s not the case with lithium-ion batteries. In addition to holding their charge, lithium-ion batteries also have a longer life than nickel-cadmium.

Plus, you can easily find drills that use lithium-ion batteries for well under $50.

Beyond battery material, you want to look at the voltage.

For less than $50, you’re probably not going to find a battery with a super high voltage. Expect 18v, tops.

But for most jobs that call for an inexpensive drill, 18v is going to provide more than enough power. You’ll probably find that a 12v or even 8v battery is sufficient for your needs.


Lithium-Ion batteries are much improved over earlier battery models, but they can and do wear out over time. Here are a few tips to extend the run-time and lifetime of your batteries.

  • Charge it up.  Older batteries had what were known as “memory” problems when it came to charging. If you charged them before they were completely discharged, the batteries “remembered” that and would begin to lose power more quickly.

Suddenly, a 10 percent charge became a 1 percent charge, for example. That’s not the case with Lithium-Ion batteries.

You can — and should — charge Lithium-Ion batteries regularly, even if the battery still has plenty of juice left.

  • Temperature matters. Charge and store your batteries in temperatures that are between 40 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Any colder or hotter and the battery is likely to suffer.

We recommend storing your batteries in a climate-controlled, indoor space. Your truck or an outdoor shed isn’t good spots for storing Lithium-Ion batteries.

  • Use ’em or lose ’em. If you have more than one battery for your drill, rotate them. Don’t use only one battery, saving the other one for later.

Lithium-Ion batteries do wear out without use. Either stick to one battery or make sure you use all of them equally.


In the market, plenty of the best cordless drills under 50 are available and a customer feels lost sometimes but there is no need to be panic. Here are some important points that you need to consider while buying a cordless drill. These areas follow:

Size and weight of a cordless drill matter a lot at the time of buying. This is so because you often need to hold the drills for a longer time and if it would be heavy then you may experience cramps in your hand. This thing will definitely affect your work. So always prefer a lightweight cordless drill that is compact in size.

A cordless drill with an ergonomic grip is definitely the right choice. Handle that is hard or that makes your hands slip off the drill is never recommended. Drilling is a delicate task so you should always check the grip of the handle before buying.

Speed and convenience is another powerhouse of cordless drills. Any human of any age or gender can identify with the strength and utility of cordless drills. You can find them among the best cordless drill under $50 or so.

You can hardly find tools as handy and versatile for suitable purposes as cordless drivers. Fantastic in effect and broad in utility range when you work with them on woods, steel, concrete, drywall, plastics, non-ferrous metals, and whatnot. 

Threaded holes can accept machine screws when cordless drivers work on them. Generally, cordless drills come with two variable speed settings and that is fine. But there are some drills that offer more than two-speed settings. So you can go for them too because they are more versatile drills and greatly help to facilitate your multi drilling tasks.

feature of chuck size is also very important and it really needs your consideration at the time of buying. Normally cordless drills support 1/2 inch chuck but there are many drills that have been designed to support 3/8 inch chuck. So if you need a drill for a tough task then you must prefer a cordless drill with a 3/8 chuck size as the chuck size shows the power of a drill.


The key thing to remember when using the best cordless drill under $50 is safety. You need to wear eye protection when drilling, even for a quick or small job.

Less expensive cordless drills are going to have less power than pricier models. To avoid severely damaging your drill (and causing injury to yourself), you need to pay attention to how it’s running. If you feel any resistance from the drill, ease up on it. You don’t want to burn out the motor or cause more severe damage.

A cordless driver usually has a worm detector and metal gear with an electronic switch lock button for continuous duty. Safety is 100% guaranteed in using this device. Unlike traditional drills.

The cordless drill make jobs much more comfortable and quicker, and they attract a lot of customers because it is highly consumer-oriented and affordable. Most professionals and DIY enthusiasts use cordless drives in our world today for more convenience amid massive workloads. 


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