Top 10 Best Sunglasses for Men and Women Reviews in 2019

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Best Sunglasses for Men and Women: It’s summer diving for me and shows it on the beach or by public pool what your body feels like. In addition to the different types of summer and cold drinks of ice cream variety of drinks and drinks at full time. It seems pleasing, for some it is not. Due to total sun exposure, heat is high in the summer, especially those who close the sun too much. Anyone wants to reconcile with its health or well-being. However, you will save yourself from harmful rays that can be harmful to your health.

The eyes in the most sensitive parts of our body are the eyes. The eyes give us the power to see that it is an important organ that influences our lives. Therefore, care is the highest priority. So we wear sunglasses in the summer to make sure our eyes are safe. In addition, sunglasses are part of today’s fashion statement for men and women. However, most people live in the sun’s trendy and well-visible walk through millennia by buying glasses.

In this article, we should see a pair of 10 Unix sunglasses, which should be a gift in 2019. If you are interested, then never go blind and will look more in it.

Best Sunglasses for Men and Women Table



Ray-Ban, RB3025, Large Metal Aviator Sunglasses Check Price


Ray-Ban RB3016 Classic Clubmaster Sunglasses Check Price


Ray-Ban, RB4171, Erika Women’s Oversized Round Sunglasses Check Price


Ray-Ban 54 mm Frame Justin RB4165 Check Price


Michael Kors Chelsea Aviator Sunglasses Check Price


Michael Kors Women’s Aviator Sunglasses Check Price


Carrera Grand Prix 2 Sunglasses in Black and White GrandPrix2 Check Price


Oakley Radar Path Sunglasses Check Price


Persol PO3108S Typewriter Edition Unisex Sunglasses Check Price


Arnette Men’s Grifter Polarized Rectangular Sunglasses Check Price

1. Ray-Ban, RB3025, Large Metal Aviator Sunglasses

This Ray-Ban Sunglass comes from an honorable brand and is not polar. It provides 100% UV protection for eye protection and comfort. The G-15 lens is made of 6-base polycobnet, which offers a variety of lenses and color options. In this model, the lens measures about 58 mm and gives different color options for the lens, eg. Bee Crystal Brown and Green.

In addition, the lens absorbs 85% visible light and disturbs the blue light.
Its metal frame is the classic gold finish. However, it looks sleek and easy. Hinge is made of alloys. There are no interchangeable lenses in this brand. This sunglasses packaging has case and glasses cleaning cloth.

According to authentication, some users are “requested” by the product. There are users who do not believe production is a true Ray-Ben product because they know that popping happens everywhere. However, the seller guarantees its customers that it is a legitimate remedy.

Conclusion: It’s the Best Sunglasses for Men and Women to wear. Knowing that it’s new, it definitely needs to be bought. Typically, it should be more careful to check the specifications that there are users who say this is a major replica.


  • 100% UV Protected
  • Fashionable Eyewear
  • Multiple Color Options


  • Non-Polarized
  • Feeble Construction

2. Ray-Ban RB3016 Classic Clubmaster Sunglasses

Inspired by Vintage 1986, Ray-Ban Sunglasses will catch your eye with your design. However, it gives 100% UV security coating with ‘RB’ engraving on the left lens to prove its authenticity. Crystal lenses are decorated with a height of 43 mm and a width of 52 millimetres. It comes with different types of lenses, black, green, deep bronze and more. Glasses are over-the-counter and sensitive to scratches or scratches. Apart from this, the lens can be removed by removing two feet on the edge.

There is a plastic frame on the rectangular metal frame. Its bridge is about 21 mm and side 45 mm. It has two lenses, adjustable nose pad and a temple. However, it is not very small and is recommended for people with large buildings and foam.

According to the announcement there are no polarized glasses. Packaging has a separate protective covering than glasses.

Conclusion: Overall, it is not based on the conversion of sunglasses. Its authenticity is valid and glasses are available in different colours. The design is trendy and the construction looks strong. Although it seems small Keep in mind before you buy.


  • 100% UV Protection
  • Durable Construction
  • Vintage-Looking Design
  • Multiple Lens Color Options


  • Size is Limited to Specific People

3. Ray-Ban, RB4171, Erika Women’s Oversized Round Sunglasses

Wafers are made using sunglasses. It’s a Ray-Ben product designed mainly for female users. The Gradient Brown is 53.7mm wide with oversized round lenses. Plastic lenses are 100% UV preserved and are subject to prescription. However, despite its size, it has to dodge the sun’s rays.

Best Sunglasses for Men and Women made in Italy have a black nylon frame, which measures 18 mm with a bridge and about 145 mm in hand. Rubber surrounds and metal straps contribute to the beautiful design and relax the user. It is stylish with soft, matte black design and very light.

This sunglasses are not polarized. It is very flexible with a mix of modern and classic looks. The package includes cleaning cloth and essentially protective coating.

Conclusion: Normally the total brightness of Ray-Ban Sunglasses. It’s great and extraordinary with very large glasses. Quality is also good. However, it does not block sunlight as much as you want. Therefore, it is not very good for people with very sensitive eyes.


  • 100% UV Protected
  • Large Rounded Lens
  • Robust Construction
  • Stylish and Lightweight Design


  • Fragile Handled
  • Not for Sensitive Eyes
  • Single Color Lens Type

4. Ray-Ban 54 mm Frame Justin RB4165

Through renowned commercial ventures, the Ray-Ban Sunglasses are polarized and include 100% UV rays. However, some users believe that the lens is not polar enough to be dark or used. The gradient size is approximately 54 mm wide and 45 mm high to remove the brightness of the grade lens and increase visual clarity.

Rectangular frames attach to a mixture of plastic and metal. It is light, rubbery and comfortable to wear. The bridge size is 16 mm and the side is 145 mm. It’s stylish, durable and innovative that you have with retro and vintage looks.

However, it is quite expensive. It is suitable for wearing with any gender and the lens is definitely available as a prescription. The package does not include a protective cover, a protective cover and a cleaning cloth.

Conclusion: The sunglasses can be desired by any. Good looks, designs and capacities look good. It seems that the polarizing effect is not high. Apart from that, it is quite expensive. You will have to earn more money to buy one.


  • Classy Design
  • Maximum Wear Comfort
  • Sturdy Fabrication
  • Multiple Color Options
  • Polarized and UV Protection


  • Very Expensive Price

5. Michael Kors Chelsea Aviator Sunglasses

The designer glasses are specially designed for sunny and warm days. It is less valuable than pounds and is mainly intended for women. It is inspired by aviation and is very strong in size. The pink gold, the non-granal lens is UV-protected and highly reflective. Plastic lens height is 59 mm, the bridge is 13 mm and the bracket is 135 mm. This is a nice and nice design. However, it is not as deep as it appears in advertising.

The rectangular frame is black coloured at the end. Except for the lens, the parts are mostly made of metal. So you expect it to be heavier than other specifications. It also includes a mid-nose bridge to enhance comfort. However, it is very small and a little solemn. It should not be an authentic atmosphere that it should be.

The clean clothes include Michael Corps, the China’s sunglasses, a purity of paper and a white plastic bag in the package.

Conclusion: You can wait for Michael courses shades in any case. It is very stylish and modern. The quality is fine, though it is slightly larger than the other glasses you saw. It’s not too expensive, so you’re questioning her testimony. However, the seller has already made it clear that the product should be as it is fully authentic.


  • UV protected
  • Reasonable Price
  • Great Looking Shades


  • Quite heavy
  • Wobbly Construction

6. Michael Kors Women’s Aviator Sunglasses

The Michael curriculum with high discounts is less than 15 cm in comparison to sunglasses, which range from 15 cm to 16 cm. Increases till The light blue medium size lens is approximately 59 mm. This compound lens is UV-protected and not certified polarized. It’s not very clear and very dark. For the price, it definitely makes sense.

The design is inspired by extreme aviation. The special metal bridge measures about 14 mm. His hand is easily pulled out of the turquoise shell for a soft and comfortable use. However, it is slightly slim and too small for some users.

This product is made in the USA and it comes with a beautiful leather case and cleaning cloth.

Conclusion: With their low cost, this does not seem to have sunglasses. However, users say how realistic it can be. Still, for the summer escape experience, it’s perfect and stylish. In terms of quality, it will be fair and definitely long.


  • Low-Priced
  • Beautiful Aviation Shades
  • Mirrored and 100% UV Protected
  • Maximum Comfort and Convenience


  • A Bit Flimsy
  • Non-Polarized

7. Carrera Grand Prix 2 Sunglasses in Black and White GrandPrix2

Designed for athletic men and women, these sunglasses are classified by calm and beauty. With its combination of black and white, it gets better than other brands. The oval lens is very large with about 64 mm. Black plastic lenses are UV-protected and do not polarize, which match the expansion of the gradient for the gateway beneath the Sun. Filters are divided into two parts when needed.

With its choice of about 130 mm white weapons, it is mostly polished black frame. The bridges are very small, 9mm full cutout. It is mainly based on such a permanent tremor after plastics is kept.

These leather colors come with a box and include black leather case and cleaning cloth.

Conclusion: The glasses are the best for men and are very good for fashion and comfort. It is not as good for long-term use or sun’s performance. However, the price you pay is the price of the shot. It’s definitely a sporty mood whose goal is to hit one in the glasses.


  • Mid-Range Price
  • Big Rounded Lens
  • Fashionable and Dashing Eyewear Design


  • Flimsy Quality

8. Oakley Radar Path Sunglasses

These eyes are designed specifically for athletes to protect their eyes with sunlight pressure and sun stress. Quiet and sporty design is easy for men. 66 mm dark orange lenses are made of polycarbonate. Plutonic lenses are powered by high-certified patent optics with UV-protected lenses and provide safe protection against sunlight. Apart from that, these brands have durable coating against rain and sweat. It is equipped with Excise Optics and O Mater technologies to provide comfort and clarity to look at different corners. It is certified for ANSI Z87.1 standard and offers a three-point fit for superior performance.

Its stylish design with plastic arms and pools is a little uncomfortable. Therefore, one must admit with the use of it especially longer. With 1 ozone weight, black and white polished weapons measure approximately 134 mm, reverse V-cut and bridge of 14 mm.

The package includes a two-year limited warranty card, which requires online registration.

Conclusion: To expect high-end specification, it’s really expensive. However, there are many glasses of techniques that go with a crazy runner and biker. Apart from that, it is a sporty track that men wear laser wear. In terms of quality, this is pretty good. Some users, however, should only want an additional lens, which should include prices to pay.


  • Certified UV and Polarized
  • Innovated Design for Sport Use
  • Improved and Immersed Eyewear Technology


  • Expensive
  • Not too Comfy upon Long term use

9. Persol PO3108S Typewriter Edition Unisex Sunglasses

These glasses are trademarks of Eyewear Company and can be used for any gender. It’s right as a fashion statement, especially when the sun’s heat prevails in a monotonous mood. The light blue round glass lens measures about 49 mm with a Certified UV protection. However, it is polarized and not well-grained for external use.

Black colored weapons and bridges are mainly made of plastic. There are 145 mm or 22 mm dimensions. In addition, its acetate frame is made from classic and durable material. It is convenient for use and is definitely designed for quality.

Hand is made from Italy, the product with a brand name on the lens is absolutely authentic.

Conclusion: If you’re a fan of personalized glasses, then it’s essential. It is certainly improperly expensive, however, excellent quality announcements are made. However, compared to its competitors, it lacks some of its features at the same price. Apart from that, it is not polarized. Despite the sun, it is a good shade.


  • Comfy Use
  • High-Quality Design
  • Cool Looking Eyewear
  • Maximum UV Protection


  • Very Expensive Price

10. Arnette Men’s Grifter Polarized Rectangular Sunglasses

A big glass for a big head. The set of the Ernet Sunglasses is usually a black plastic. Its light gray oval shaped lens is about 62 millimeters wide. Final ultimate in UV coating and deep polarization protection for the ultimate sun experience.

Its sides are about 125 millimeters, in which there is a bridge of 17 millimeters depth. However, 9.6 oz always weighs 9.6 oz with a rectangular frame acetate design for convenient use. In addition, the package has a hard shell and a cleaning cloth.

Conclusion: These large glasses are especially suitable for tall people. Therefore, it is best to check the first form before purchasing. Apart from that, it’s best for men. The quality is okay, for that price you paid it is justified.


  • UV Protected
  • Mid-Range Price
  • Polarized Eyewear
  • Casual Looking Design


  • Limited for Big Heads

How to Choose the Best Sunglasses for Men and Women?

Before buying, you should know some of the most important criteria that should be evaluated. These include:


It is easy to see from the watch user point However, there are many designs to choose from in many sizes and related sizes. Choose what your face size is.


This is the most important thing and it is important for this purpose glasses. Color, UV security detail and the speciality that has its lens of technology.

Quality and Durability

Check the contents, which are used to make the content. A material based on plastic can be a sign that something is blunt. Choose the designs that look durable. In shades, because its sophisticated design is made of plastic is very durable.


Of course, it is important for him to take the property and evaluate whether the price is reasonable or not.

Results: Our glasses are quite complex due to the wide range of competition in the market, totally twinkling. So, it is important that you can at least show a part of your preference. Although this list can help and recommend, these products are a lot to find in the market.

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