Top 10 Best Electric Rice Cookers in 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are new to cooking or have a very busy life, you need an electric rice cooker. In addition, they are quick and easy to use and do not require much attention compared to vessel cooking.

The electric rice cooker is one of the devices that cannot be avoided in private homes. It simply gives comfort to every home. However, it is no secret that choosing the best electric rice cooker is not a feature.

This cooker is a multitasker and can be used for steaming veggies, preparing soups, making instant noodles, and more. In addition, they have $20 to $200 and saves you a lot of time.

best rice cooker

Although it is a simple cooking device, Here are some key points to consider before choosing an electric rice cooker:

Capacity – The capacity of a pressure cooker is usually between 1 to 9 liter. A capacity of 3 liters is sufficient for a family of 3 to 4 members. A capacity of 5 liters is enough to cook food for 5 to 7 members. So choose according to your family size.

Materials – Stainless steel, aluminum, and anodized aluminum are the most commonly used materials. Stainless steel and hard anodized are better choices because they do not react with any acid released during cooking.

Outer Lid or Inner Lid – these options are perfect for cooking directly in the vessel. But if you are using separators or idli stand, then the outer lid is the right choice.

Best Electric Rice Cookers in 2020


PreviewProductBuy Now
Instant Pot Duo Nova 7-in-1 Electric Pressure CookerCHECK ON AMAZON
Toshiba TRCS01 Cooker 6 Cups Uncooked (3L)CHECK ON AMAZON
Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure CookerCHECK ON AMAZON
Aroma Housewares 20 Cup Cooked (10 cup uncooked) Digital Rice CookerCHECK ON AMAZON
Zojirushi NS-TSC10 5-1/2-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer, 1.0-LiterCHECK ON AMAZON
Aroma Housewares ARC-743-1NGR 6-Cup (Cooked) (3-Cup UNCOOKED) Pot Style Rice CookerCHECK ON AMAZON
COMFEE' 5.2Qt Asian Style Programmable All-in-1 Multi CookerCHECK ON AMAZON
Zojirushi Rice Cooker and Warmer, 1.8-Liter, TulipCHECK ON AMAZON
Instant Zest Rice Cooker, Steamer, Cooks Rice, Grains, Quinoa and Oatmeal, 8 CupCHECK ON AMAZON
Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 5-1/2-Cup Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker and Warmer, Premium White, 1.0-LiterCHECK ON AMAZON

Top 10 Electric Rice Cookers in 2020 Reviews

1. Instant Pot Duo Nova 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Duo Nova 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, Sterilizer, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Saute, Yogurt Maker, and Warmer, 6 Quart, Easy-Seal Lid, 14 One-Touch Programs

An upgrade to the all-time bestseller Instant Pot Duo series, the Duo Nova combines 7 appliances in 1: pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steam cooker, frying pan, food warmer, and yogurt maker.

The 6Qt model is the most popular size with a cooking capacity of 6 people. When you’re on the fence, whichever size is right for you, you can’t go wrong with a 6 quiet.

The Duo Nova is powered by a sophisticated microprocessor that monitors and adjusts cooking pressure, temperature, time, and heat 70% faster than other methods and delivers consistent, delicious results every time.

With the new easy seal lid, you don’t have to worry because it automatically shuts off your instant pot. Steam triggers are also a breeze as the quick release button is pressed quickly and safely. And it also comes with a bonus sealing ring.

With more than 10 safety functions with UL certification, you can set it up and forget about it. “You can do other things when the Duo Nova cooks your food safely and quickly with minimal dirt and easy cleaning.

The Duo Nova’s food-grade 304 (18/8) stainless steel dishwasher is safe and durable, with no chemical coating.

Elegant blue LCD intuitively shows the cooking process of the multicooker. Experimental one-touch controls of 13 programs can be configured to remember cooking.

Free The Instant Pot Recipe app on iOS and Android devices offers over 1000 recipes to get you started with your culinary adventure. Join the millions of other instant pot users who share support, guidance, and fun across many instant pot communities online.

The Instant Pot Duo Nova family has the most reliable name on the stove and it gives you the quality and convenience you expect from an instant pot.


  • Best for beginners
  • Healthy and consistently delicious
  • Smart lid
  • Clear, simple controls
  • Worry-free cooking
  • Plenty of recipes
  • A name you can trust


  • Does not have a timer function


2. Toshiba TRCS01 Cooker 6 Cups Uncooked (3L)

Toshiba TRCS01 Cooker 6 Cups Uncooked (3L) with Fuzzy Logic and One-Touch Cooking for Brown, White Rice, and Porridge.

In 1955, Toshiba brought more than 140 years of innovation, launched the first automatic electric rice cooker, and is a leader in the rice cooker industry.

Industry-leading 3D cooking techniques and 6-step cooking processes. The steam valve and the internal non-stick pot, can save steam and heat each time for the right fluffy rice.

7 preset settings for cooking white rice, brown rice, mixed rice, short or long granulated rice, porridge perfectly in terms of texture, taste and aroma. 12 cups of cooked rice for the family serving.

The Toshiba rice cooker has a quick rice function. Specially designed sensors accelerate cooking time to 30 minutes. This is an excellent and great time-saving option.

The hot setting of the rice cooker activates automatically when the cooking process is complete and keeps the ingredients at the ideal serving temperature for 24 hours.

The rice cooker has 2 options for the delay time. Set a timer so that the rice can be prepared if necessary. Just add rice and water in the morning and come home and eat delicious rice!

As you cook, steam rises from the vent without bubbles and without taking a bad overflow.


  • Japanese Style Rice Cooker
  • Professional Rice Cooker
  • Quick Rice Feature
  • Keep Warm Feature
  • 2 Programmable Delay Time Features
  • Removable Large Steam Vent


  • Not very user-friendly controls


3. Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, Sterilizer, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Saute, Yogurt Maker, and Warmer, 6 Quart, 14 One-Touch Programs

America’s most popular multi cooker, built with the latest third generation technology, the microprocessor monitors pressure, temperature, keeps time, and adjusts heating intensity and duration to achieve desired results every time.

The Instant Pot Duo multi-cooker combines 7 appliances in one Pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steam cooker, saute pan, yogurt maker, and warmer – in a pressure cooker and cook up to 70% faster.

14 one-touch smart program with delicious results – cooking ribs, soups, beans, rice, poultry, yogurt, desserts, and more on autopilot.

Fingerprint-resistant stainless steel caps, as well as components and accessories, are dishwasher protected.

There is a free instant pot app on iOS and Android devices with hundreds of recipes for each dish to start your culinary adventure. Many instant pot communities online communities support and guide millions of users.

More than 10 built-in safety features to ensure a safe pressure cooker, including overheat protection, safety locks, and more.

Cook up to 6 people with a capacity of 6 quarters – suitable for families and also excellent for cooking meals and batch cooking in single and small houses.

The instant pot inner pot made of stainless steel has a 3-layer bottom for durability and is healthy and dishwasher safe.


  • Best selling model
  • Cooks fast and save time
  • Consistently delicious
  • Advanced Safety
  • Easy to clean
  • Plenty of recipes
  • Most popular size capacity
  • Stainless Steel Inner Pot


  • Does not have a timer function


4. Aroma Housewares 20 Cup Cooked (10 cups uncooked) Digital Rice Cooker

Aroma Housewares 20 Cup Cooked (10 cups uncooked) Digital Rice Cooker, Slow Cooker, Food Steamer, SS Exterior (ARC-150SB), Black

Whether you have hearty jambalaya, steamed vegetables and rice, or even delicious cakes (yes, cakes!), You can get this from your arc-150sb cooker. Possibilities are just as creative as you are.

Thanks to the integrated steamer function, you can prepare nutritious meals other than rice, soup, or other foods.

This saves you time without compromising on quality. This multi-cooker has not only your favorite cooking options but also unique cooking options for a slow cook and saute-then-simmer STS, making the food a rich, tasty, and guaranteed family choice.

The Arc 150sb has a cooking capacity of 20 cups which can hold 4 to 20 cups of cooked rice and measures 11.1 “x 11.2” x 10.8 “. Power consumption – 120 V/60 Hz, 860 W.

This product is a proud member of our “set it and forget it” mentality. The cooker is incredibly easy to use as our user-friendly digital control panel automatically switches to stay warm after cooking. allowing you the freedom to take back your time instead of worrying while you cook.

this rice cooker includes a non-stick inner pot, rice measuring cup, and a plastic rice spatula.


  • Multi-functional use
  • Nutritious & delicious
  • Capacity & Dimensions
  • User-friendly programming
  • Accessories include


  • Does not have a timer function


5. Zojirushi NS-TSC10 5-1/2-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer

Zojirushi NS-TSC10 5-1/2-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer, 1.0-Liter

An unprecedented machine designed for a professional chef, Zozirushi’s micro rice cooker and hot can be found. It uses computerized “fuzzy logic” technology to understand how your grains cook and automatically adjusts the time and temperature to prepare up to 11 cups that are neither overcooked nor overcooked.

The device has special settings for white and brown rice as well as steam function for vegetables and seafood and also bake cakes. Other well-thought-out design features include an easy-to-read LCD display, stylish stainless steel housing, and a catchy melody that tells you when your meal is ready.

Zojirushi Micom is so popular that it has received a 4.5 district rating from more than 2,700 reviewers who say the device is versatile, durable, and high quality.

“Is there anything that contradicts the buyer’s remorse?” All I have is written by the shopkeeper. “This thing is not only beautiful and elegant (it appeals to my designer aesthetic), but it has every setting you never knew you wanted: white rice, quick rice (if you don’t want to wait), Brown rice, oatmeal, cakes, etc.

I recently put a heaping pile of rice for many hungry Asian friends, and we sat quietly in our apartment and wept for joy over the beautiful, bright white grains of joy that Zoji-sama gave us. ”


  • Micro computerized fuzzy logic technology.
  • Automatic keep warm, extended keep warm and reheating cycle
  • Easy to clean clear coated stainless steel exterior, 2 delay time settings
  • Interchangeable melody and beep signal
  • Built-in the retractable power cord


  • Not suitable for large families


6. Aroma Housewares ARC-743-1NGR 6-Cup (Cooked) (3-Cup UNCOOKED) Pot Style Rice Cooker

Aroma Housewares ARC-743-1NGR 6-Cup (Cooked) (3-Cup UNCOOKED) Pot Style Rice Cooker and Food Steamer, Red

Enjoy home cooking with Aroma 6-cup (cooked) pot rice cooker and food steamer. Restaurant quality rice. Healthy cooked food. Delicious stews. Prepare all this and more at the push of a button! The aroma brings a “cook” to the kitchen in front of the house.

Help the kids with their homework, get creative while playing, or choose a novel that you want to immerse yourself in. Everyone will love the whole family and deliver warm, hearty, and healthy food.

Cooking has never been easier. With the simple push of a button, you can cook incredible fluffy rice in no time. We’ll love this “Set and Forget” concept and we know you’ll love it too!

The unique accessory for the steam bowl enables fully cooked vegetables, poultry, fish, and more in the compact stove. Enjoy a delicious meal every day of the week without losing quality!

Whether you have hearty jumbles, steamed vegetables, and rice, or delicious cakes (yes, cakes!), You can get this from your ARC-7433-1 NG stove. The possibilities are as endless as your creativity.

This pot-style rice cooker includes a non-stick inner pot, an aluminum steam bowl, a rice measuring cup, and a plastic spatula.

If we listen to our customers, we can offer convenient, innovative, and valuable products. Ultimately, we deliver products that provide life-enriching experiences to our customers and their families – and bring more harmony to the world that we all share.

Aroma’s core values ​​of fragrance are based on an incredible desire to develop products that make your life easier, a broad commitment to the community, and a focus on maintaining meaningful and lasting relationships with others.


  • Simple One-Touch Design
  • Steam Technology
  • Meal Versatility
  • Everything You Could Need
  • Item Shape: Round
  • Perfectly prepares 2 to 6 cups of any variety of cooked rice
  • Steams meat and vegetables while rice cooks below
  • Simple, one-touch operation with automatic Keep-Warm
  • Great for soups, jambalaya, chili and so much more!
  • Full-view tempered glass lid
  • Includes Steam Tray, Rice Measuring Cup, and Serving Spatula


  • Big families would not prefer to buy a cooker of such small size


7. COMFEE’ 5.2Qt Asian Style Programmable All-in-1 Multi-Cooker

COMFEE’ 5.2Qt Asian Style Programmable All-in-1 Multi-Cooker, Rice Cooker, Slow cooker, Steamer, Sauté, Yogurt maker, Stewpot with 24 Hours Delay Timer and Auto Keep Warm Functions

To achieve the ideal cooking performance, COMFEE has developed a 6 intelligent cooking process that saves steam and heat and is perfect for cooking fluffy rice every time the steam valve and inner pot are full.

17 digital cooking programs may be suitable for eating Japanese style rice cooker like rice, noodles, soup, stew, roast, and boiled vegetables. Make special and healthy food on the stove without having 5 or more different appliances!

As the COMFEE electric multi-rice cooker operates under normal pressure, it is considered a safe option for cooking on all types of pressure cookers or ovens. The cool-touch handle ensures your safety when opening the cooker.

Makes 10 to 20 cups of cooked rice with a capacity of 10 cups of uncooked rice (5.2 quintals) for family, gods, and other outdoor activities. Non-stick coating, cleaning the inside is like child’s play.

The rice cooker is user friendly and has a digital LED display and a sensitive touch panel so you can stop cooking at the push of a button. It’s easy to organize a meal with a 24-hour delay timer and automatically keeps you warm for 12 hours.

Cleaning the stainless steel outer case and the removable steam valve is a breeze. All BPA-free plastic parts that come with the non-stick inner pot and stove can be washed in the dishwasher.

This programmable electric rice cooker is made from food-grade BPA free ingredients. UL certificate approved. COMFEE ‘offers 1 year manufacturer’s warranty on purchase.


  • Steam Valve
  • Stainless Steel housing
  • Portable Cool Touch handle
  • 10 Cup Ultra Capacity Non-Stick Inner Pot
  • Perfect Rice Every Time
  • Cooking Versatility
  • High Safety
  • Humanized Designs
  • Easy to clean
  • Warranty from COMFEE


  • Does not have a timer function


8. Zojirushi Rice Cooker and Warmer, 1.8-Liter, Tulip

This Rice Cooker has a user-friendly touch operating system with an automatic funnel function. Triple heating dissipates heat from the bottom, side, and lid, creating the ideal temperature for the most delicious rice.

The interior lid cover is removable and washable, and the inside pan is easy to clean and has a non-stick coating.

With the push-button release and removable Dew collector. The handle is easy to open in the lid. Accessories include a measuring cup, a spatula, and a spatula holder. It is available in 5, and 10 cups (cooked rice) in tulips and metallics of different colors.


  • Easy one-touch operation with an automatic keep-warm system
  • Triple heater (bottom, side, and lid) generates ideal temperature for a tasty rice
  • The detachable and washable inner lid
  • The easy-to-clean nonstick coated inner pan
  • Hinged lid with easy-to-open handle


  • Does not have a timer function
  • Not suitable for large families


9. Instant Zest Rice Cooker, Steamer, Cooks Rice, Grains, Quinoa and Oatmeal, 8 Cup

From the manufacturers of Instant Pot, the instant zest rice and Grain cooker with a capacity of 8 cups is the perfect combination of price, convenience, and comfort of cooking.

Intelligent cooking programs save you time and make sure the recipes are exactly what you want. Adjust cooking times and temperatures according to your family’s taste and save them.

In addition to the intelligent program presets for white and brown rice, quinoa, and oatmeal, you can cook any type of rice and muesli quickly and thoroughly – from millet to Ferro and freekeh to polenta, barley and rice pudding, and more.

Even spicy and tasty grains like wheat berries, which usually take a long time to cook. Rice cooker, instant zest steam veggies, fish, dumplings, tamales, cabbages, wontons, and more with easy.

Bright, powerful display and status indicators show you exactly where you are cooking. Start with a delay and work hard to make sure rice, grains, and more are done when you’re done.

4 intelligent programs make it easy to cook your favorite rice and muesli with super quick and great perfection

4 Intelligent Programs for One-Touch Cooking White Rice, Brown Rice, Quinoa, and Oatmeal

Makes 8 cups and serves hot for all kinds of food: fast cooked vegetables, fish, and more at the push of a button.

Built-in overheating protection: compact, light, and easy to store

Accessories include: In addition to a ceramic-coated pot with a non-stick coating, Zest Plus also has dishwasher-safe steamers, rice measuring cups, and rice spoons.

120 Volt 60 Hz Power Supply: Please check your voltage if not in North America

Extra thick inner pot with non-stick ceramic coating for better and better cooking

Stainless steel 18/8 id lid interior


  • Cook tasty food fast
  • One-touch Cooking
  • Cook more than just rice


  • Cleaning the cooker daily is a challenging task


10. Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 5-1/2-Cup Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker and Warmer

Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 5-1/2-Cup Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker and Warmer, Premium White, 1.0-Liter

The Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker & Warmer has advanced fuzzy logic technology that allows the rice cooker to think for itself and adjusts the temperature and heat time while cooking perfect rice each time.

Micom cooks rice cooker and hot flawless rice.

This 5-1/2-cup rice cooker makes 10 cups of hot and cooked rice and includes a variety of cooking functions, including white (normal / sushi, soft or hard), mixed rice, oatmeal, sweet, semi-brown, Brown, non-rinse-free included. And fast cooking.

The device uses a cool, thick, rounded round with cool, cool side handles for better cooking. A programmable rag or beep is an audio indicator that shows when the cooking cycle is over.

Other highlights include a removable and washable interior cover, a readable LCD control panel and automatic warm-up, extended warm-up and suffocation cycles, a delay timer with two settings, and a built-in retractable power cord.

The luggage includes a spatula, a spatula holder, and 2 rice measuring cups (normal and rinse-free). The 680-watt rice cooker and hot water will measure 10-1/8 by 13 by 8-1/8 inches.


  • Micro computerized Advanced Neuro Fuzzy logic technology
  • Menu settings include: white (regular/sushi, softer or harder), mixed, porridge, sweet, semi-brown, brown, rinse-free, and quick cooking
  • Programmable melody or beep audio indicator
  • Extra Large Easy-to-Read color LCD display
  • Automatic keep warm, extended keep warm and reheating cycle
  • Spherical inner cooking pan and heating system ensures even heating for perfectly cooked rice
  • Programmable Delay timer (2 settings)
  • Fold-down handle for easy carry and transport
  • Built-in retractable power cord
  • Accessories include: Spatula, spatula holder, and 2 measuring cups (regular and rinse-free)
  • cETLus listed


  • Does not have a timer function
  • Not very user-friendly controls


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Electric Rice Cooker – Buying Guide

Whether cooking rice or preparing dinner – an electric rice cooker is an excellent addition to any kitchen. Modern electric rice cookers have more to offer than just cooking rice – including advanced features, computer-based sensors, and more.

With so many options, it’s clear to confuse and choose without options. If you do not know how to choose an electric cooker, the following information will help you. We have mentioned all the information about the factors to find the right electric rice cooker.

1. Cooking style

Based on their working principle, there are two types of electric rice cookers – heat and heat induction. The choice between them is based on your needs. We have mentioned it in detail below for your convenience.

Heat transfer:

About 90% of the electric rice cookers on the market use the thermal convection method for cooking rice. The cooking pan does not heat up according to its operating principle. In fact, hot air (outside the pan) is subject to thermal convection to cook the rice.

This type of rice cooker has a heat sensor device that automatically shuts off the way the rice is cooked and allows it to stay in hot mode.

Heat induction:

Unlike the type of thermal convection, the cooking pan of a rice cooker heats up significantly with heat induction. The electromagnetic current generated by the rice cooker flows into a metal pan and cooks the rice.

In fact, this process enables the rice to be cooked more evenly. However, the purchase and maintenance of these machines are expensive.

2. Capacity and size of rice cooker

There are many rice cookers on the market that are available in different capacities and sizes. Most rice cookers take no more than a large saucepan. The capacity of a rice cooker is usually measured by the number of cups of rice it makes.

And  1 – 6 liters or more. And depends on the size of the family.

For example, if you have a family of members, a liter electric rice cooker is high enough. 3-cup or 6-cup rice cookers are suitable for most residential purposes.

While 10 cups or more is suitable for commercial purposes. To get a clearer picture, we’ve provided a table below with details …

3. Easy operation

Most electric rice cookers have a single-touch control function. All you have to do – add the required rice and enough water and put the rest in an electric rice cooker.

There are also many advanced electric rice cookers on the market that have controls like digital functions and self-timer, delay start, slow cooking, steaming, automatic heating, and others.

This function allows you to start cooking at a specific time or keep the rice at a warm temperature until served. These special features are easy to use and the rice should be cooked to perfection without the need for constant supervision.

4. Energy and electricity consumption

The energy efficiency of an electric rice cooker is measured by how fast it can produce food. Compared to gas cookers, electric cookers use only 60-70% heat energy to cook rice faster.

The power consumption of an electric rice cooker is determined by the number of watts with which the stove is supplied with electricity and generates heat for the cooking process. Some of the rice cookers available in the market can use less electricity and be more productive.

5. Different types of Lids

Some rice cookers have full-length Lids, while others have tight-fitting stainless steel Lids. The choice between them is the choice of the person. Most people prefer to look through the lid’s mark because you can test the cooking process of rice.

6. Easy to clean and maintain

Electric rice cookers should not contain any complex items that are difficult to clean and maintain. For easy cleaning, it is better to have a dishwasher-safe bowl and Lid. Or you can wash it and scrub it with soapy water.

Stainless steel and aluminum are easy to clean and maintain without coating.

7. Automatic shutdown function

This function is available in most of the electric rice cookers available in the Indian market. The sensors in the rice cooker know whether the rice is cooked or not.

After the rice is cooked, the sensor enables an automatic shutdown function, which finishes cooking. However, the rice stays hot until you turn off the power.

8. Multipurpose functions

If you have a large family, it is better to invest in a multi-purpose electric rice cooker that can help cook vegetables, meat, fish, porridge, lentils, and more. The versatility of this type of electric rice cooker is exceptional.

9. Additional accessories

Comes with a set of highly advanced and user-friendly electric stove accessories. Accessories used include steamers, glass lids, built-in non-stick pots, measuring cups, and spoons with which models can be selected.

Make sure you get it at the time of purchase as it is needed as additional appliances if maintenance affects your stove. Since the electric stove is an important accessory for your kitchen, you should take quick access to spare parts.

It is always better to ensure that all spare parts with the product are available.

10. Power cord

The power cord of the electric rice cooker is retractable or removable, making it easy to store and use. A dissecting power cord ensures that you do not have to pull the cord with an electric rice cooker.

It also helps you use the stove as a serving bowl. A good power cord should be made of high-quality material and should be safe to use. Some people often overlook this option and later regret it.

11. Guarantee

Before buying a rice cooker, check the cooker brand guarantee. This defines the shelf life of the product. In general, the Electric Rice Cooker brand offers a 2-year warranty based on this variant.

The longer the guarantee, the more reliable the product. Contact the manufacturer or dealer to find out what is covered by the warranty.

For some manufacturers, the warranty covers all costs, maintenance costs, and service fees. Sometimes not all parts are included, so you need to be aware of the restrictions before buying.


If you carefully review all this information at the time of your purchase, you can rest assured.

People also ask

1. Which is the best rice cooker brand?

Here are the ten best rice cookers, according to customer reviews:

  •  Budget-Friendly Pick: Black + Decker Rice Cooker and Food Steamer.
  •  For Small Portions: Zojirushi 3-Cup Rice Cooker.
  •  Overall: Aroma Housewares Rice Cooker, Professional Version.
  •  Professional Pick: Zojirushi Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer.

2. Is a rice cooker worth it?

If you cook rice frequently, buy a stove. … What you want a traditional rice cooker to do, just better and with a variety of rice and cereals.


If I had eaten more than regular jasmine rice, I would probably have tried it, but the standard $ 15 cooker is worth it for the standard requirements.

3. Why are Japanese rice cookers so expensive?

Japanese rice cookers cost more because they cost a lot more than cheap rice cookers. Westerners also consider rice to be rice. But Eastern cultures use rice in different ways.

4. How do I choose a rice cooker?

So here is my first tip. If you cook only 1-2 cups of rice a day, a 3 cup rice cooker is usually the most appropriate size for you. If you cook about 2-5 cups of rice, a 5 cup cooker is best. And finally, if you cook more than 5 cups, a 10 cup cooker is best.

5. Does a rice cooker make better rice?

Many people argue that a rice cooker really improves the taste of rice. I’m not sure this is entirely true. … and the difference in taste is also negligible.

If you cook a nice bowl of rice on the stove, you probably won’t notice that it tastes better or worse than rice cooked with rice in your rice cooker.

6. Is a stainless steel rice cooker good?

Of course, electric rice cookers do not reach such high temperatures. However, in contact with cooked food and its surface, stainless steel does not react even if the food is acidic.

Stainless steel is therefore the safest and cleanest cooking surface available.

6. What is the disadvantage of a rice cooker?

The device takes up a lot of space and can be a disadvantage if the counter socket next to the socket is low. Dry Rice – The hot quality of a rice cooker can dry the rice grains for a long time.

7. Are rice cookers healthy?

Rice cooked in a rice cooker absorbs all the water and starch and is therefore harmful to health as it causes obesity in humans. The use of a rice cooker is that brown rice does not cook well, either burns or becomes too sticky.

This involves a lot more than just cleaning the bowl.

8. How long can you keep rice in the rice cooker?

If you need to store longer, you need to turn off your rice cooker after 4-6 hours of cooking. It will be edible unless you open it too much. After 12 hours, you need to cool it with an airtight cover.

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